Plus ├ža change…

So. I am a student again, ten years after I was an undergraduate. It’s kinda weird. I feel simultaneously much older than most of the other postgrads (and some of the staff!) and also a bit like a rabbit in the headlights, overwhelmed by all the changes. So what has changed since I was last a student?

– I don’t live in a flatshare.
– I do the washing up daily.
– I don’t have to buy own-brand baked beans.
– I always have paper and a pen in lectures (girl scout).

– Everything is online. I mean, the internet existed when I was an undergrad, but for most of us our university email address was the only one we had. And the concept of being able to access the University intranet remotely was just a twinkle in the eye of some IT bod. Now lecture notes and readings are available online, I can access e-journals from my sofa, amaze balls.
– The library catalogue is no longer in MS Dos (I kid you not. Press F4 to search…).
– There are coffee shops everywhere. The UK coffee shop revolution was only just starting when I was last a student. I also drink a lot more coffee now, and am at pains to remember how I ever got through lectures without it. Lucky for me then.

What hasn’t changed:
– Rushing to the library to try and get your hands on the only copy of the book on your reading list before it gets checked out by everyone on your course.
– My water bottle still leaks in my bag all over my stuff (less girl scout).
– Buying stationery still makes me feel organised.

I really do love stationery.